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Pilot Project NPAC Day 6

Students at NPAC exchanged their regular classroom for a virtual online classroom in Second Life. Students designed avatars and navigated the island of Skoolaborate admiring their comic book covers and visual storyboards in a virtual National Indigenous Gallery and design space called Skoolaborate.
Skoolaborate at NPAC is a pilot program running over six consecutive days where students studying via distance education meet in a virtual world to share their artwork and blogs. The fourteen students have spent the week working with Mark Kent the assistant principal of Distance Education Centre of Victoria. Mark is the director of Skoolaborate who oversees the environment as avatar ‘Clark Kent’.
The students also worked with Susan Connell Art Teacher and Head of Senior School at Cairns School of Distance Education and with Phil Schoutenen graphic artist and owner of Baste Design in Cairns. Phil and Susan have shared their art and photoshop knowledge with students over the 6 day workshop. The result has been amazing! Students with no prior knowledge and skills in Second Life / Skoolaborate and CS5 photoshop are now producing industry standard covers and storyboards that they have installed in the virtual National Indigenous Gallery. The NPAC students certainly have raised the bar with their expertise in Skoolaborate and their artwork. It will be exciting for them to share and discuss their work nationally with other students.
On the second last day of the project the Bamaga community gathered at NPAC for a special morning tea to celebrate the students success.
Congratulations to all the students in the pilot program as you will lead the way forward nationally in the Indigenous National Gallery.

Mark, Susan & Phil
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