Day 2 WTL students Skateboards in Skoolaborate

Day 2 WTL students embraced the program with their level of engagement growing. Mark developed their 3D building skills in Skoolaborate. Students also had fun go-cart racing and parachuting in the amusement park in Second Life. Phil was run off his feet tutoring and trouble shooting students designs in Photoshop.
The students were enthusiastic about resolving their designs and each student developing a personal signature to their work. Students forgot about time, mentored each other in Skoolaborate and at the end of the day they were still engaged in the program. The WTL students displayed a positive commitment to the program and were very pleased with the knowledge and skills they gained over the two days.






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3 thoughts on “Day 2 WTL students Skateboards in Skoolaborate

  1. ingecooper

    I would like to congratulate all who participated in Skoolaborate and the organisers.
    The concept has made educational learning in a virtual and real world very tangible for students who would not normally engage in the education process.
    I was very proud of the students who came over the 2 days and feel that there concentration to the task was outstanding as well as learning alot.
    This ranged from understanding the concept of creating their personal avatars and innovative design that would all end up in a virtual gallery to the finished concept-an individual design for a skateboard blank that involved tags and iconography through Photoshop.
    Well done once again!

  2. susanaconnell

    Thanks Inge your commitment to these students makes the difference.

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