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Leonardo Di Vinci’s inventions come to Skoolaborate.

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Skoolaborate Plus wins 2013 Innovation award

Skoolaborate Plus wins 2013 Innovation award

Bernie Lloyd, Board Director of the Victorian Teachers Mutual Bank congratulates Mark Kent, Assistant Principal of the Distance Education Centre, Victoria on the DECVs continued pursuit of innovation and best practice in the development of virtual worlds for teaching and learning.

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An AADES Conference Workshop – September in Melbourne


Title: Skoolaborate : Virtual World Learning Spaces

Skoolaborate is both a synchronous and an asynchronous Global Online Community that runs in Second Life. Skoolaborate is a secure space in a virtual world where students and teachers collaborate as avatars. You might have seen the movie. This isn’t the same.

Skoolaborate uses 21st Century Educational Technology tools that enables students to interact with other students regardless of where they are in the world. Students interact with and contribute to the development of the virtual world and use related technologies for collaboration and communication. Skoolaborate is an initiative that uses a blend of technologies including, blogs, online learning, wiki’s and ‘virtual worlds’ to transform learning.

Skoolaborate Plus is an online curriculum and project sharing hub for the development and housing of teaching and learning projects created by teachers and students that are designed to be dynamic in nature and explicit in their learning intentions.  All materials developed by students and teachers are shared globally by the partner schools.

In this workshop:

*See how you can contribute to Skoolaborate Plus – the curriculum / project  sharing hub

*Create your own avatar

*Learn how to navigate the Virtual Environment

*Create a simple 3D model


This workshop will give you a practical “hands on” go at exploring a virtual environment like no other. The first 15 minutes will be a look at what’s been achieved, how and by whom as well as where to next. Then practical instruction using a base model avatar that you can use to learn with.

If you’re interested check out the AADES Website for more details about Skoolaborate and many other outstanding workshops and presentations.  

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