This is me

Here I am.

Some of my early work

This is my Avatar

This is my Avatar

Jess Storyboard

Lydia Cover

Lydia Storyboard


13 thoughts on “Lydia

  1. Quintella Jawai

    Lydia your avatar was cool i love how you did the head dress =)

  2. Shani Mapes

    Lydia, i like your avatar, it looks different to all the rest.. good job! – Your artwork is awesome c:

  3. Ebony

    Lydia, your avatar looks like a rockstar.. Really cool!! 🙂 and great work on your comic

  4. your avatars’ outfit is so rad,
    your artwork is so good as well . c:

  5. Yor avatar rocks it looks diff from the rest in a funky way 😉

  6. Lydia, i really think your comic strip was amazing because you had traditional language in it! :)Your avatar looks unique and cool. Keep it up!

  7. nice avatar lydia keep up the awsome job sis

  8. Taylah

    Your Avatar is so cool awesome art work too. 🙂

  9. Lynese

    Hey Linx,

    Love your Avatar, real creative 🙂 also with with your front cover and story board great work on that!! 🙂

  10. Lydia Gebadi

    Hi I’m Lydia,

    I am in year 11

    I love listening to music, my favorite music is Country, Traditional, R’N’B Hiphop, RAP, Reggae and Techno LOL:)

    My Mobile is my baby 🙂

    I Love doing Traditional dance and Hiphop

    I have lived in bamaga for 16 years and I hate it LOL

    Hopefully I’ll move to Townsville and start uni for four years to become a teacher. Then move from Queensland and to Western Australia to begin my teaching career. Thats my goal for the future.

    I love going fishing with my dad and my older brothers. We catch Queenies and sometime catch other kind of fishes. Sometimes me and my brothers go out with my dad to drag net at eastcoast we always cought really good size mullets. And I really love the Sea when we go out to Thursday Island on the Dhingy. 🙂

    Thats Me Gotta Love IT 😉

  11. Lydia Gebadi

    I love playing soccer and Touch

    My favourite colour is RED

    I love My Little Sisters Not the lil bros their annoying even my nephews ahaha but in the end you goota love them hey.. 🙂

    I love my grandparents they mean are world to me even my uncles and aunties! my godparents they’re cool especailly on my birthday.

  12. Lydia Gebadi


  13. Lydia Gebadi

    On the week we did our art work, was fun working with Mark, Phill and Susan. We learned different things on photoshop, and second life. I really enjoyed it:) hope they come up again 😉

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