This is me.

Here I am.

Some of my early work.

This is my Avatar

This is my Avatar

Taylah Cover

Taylah storyboard

Taylah storyboard



7 thoughts on “Taylah

  1. Shani Mapes

    Awesome Avitar! :D. I like the hair… Your storyboard was awesome, love the last box. Great colouring too.

  2. your avatars hair is heaps rad !
    your storyboard had a good story line too . c:

  3. sickest hair do :b
    nice colouring too especially the ‘boom’

  4. Ebony

    i like your avatar, her hair is very different compared to the others.. its so cool :)Fantastic comic Taylar, your art work is amazing!!

  5. I like your avatars hair. 🙂 your story board is outstanding. i love your characters!!

  6. Quintella Jawai

    love your avatar’s head dress your story board and cover is great.. your a pro =))

  7. Lydia Gebadi

    I love your avi its very cool and your storyboard 🙂 Keep IT UP…!

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