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Skoolaborate available to Primary Students

Soon Skoolaborate, which up until now has only been accessible to students between the ages of 13 to 18 and their teachers,will be available to a select group of primary school students. Primary students and their schools will soon be invited to develop a project that involves the virtual environment Skoolaborate. Stay tunImageed…..

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Six new tutorials for teacher added

Six new tutorials for teacher added

Six new video tutorials for teachers have been added to the Skoolaborate Training page on the Skoolaborate Website

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ELH Presentation : Skoolaborate August 2013

ELH Presentation : Skoolaborate August 2013

ELH SchoolTech is recognised as the definitive event in the local educational calendar and is a unique opportunity for schools to share experiences and benchmark their performance against others.
The presentation team lead participants through the development of a unit of learning based on digital learning technologies and the Australian Curriculum. Central to the discussion was the decision making process regarding which learning technologies will assist students to achieve the required learning outcome. For the purpose of the session the learning technology which was presented was the virtual world, Skoolaborate. Participants had the opportunity to explore the possibilities for teaching and learning within this exciting online environment. Participants learned how the use of avatars can increase learner confidence and they gained ‘hands-on’ experience in creating an avatar themselves.

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