Skoolaborate is a global awareness project. The title comes from a secure space in a virtual world where students collaborate as avatars. You might have seen the movie.

The aim of this project is for school students to investigate youth culture in relation to Art and Dance across Australia. The project engages students in work that is focussed on values, culture and beliefs within dance, literacy, art curriculum areas and industry pathways. Students gain hands on practical experience and training to develop knowledge and skills to work in the graphic design industry. These learning experiences and outcomes broaden student skill base and provide a unique opportunity to work on design education with professionals in the arts and industry. Students are also exposed to a range of career opportunities in design related fields and pathways towards training. A goal is to enable students to use virtual worlds, publishing, collaboration and social networking tools effectively.

Skoolaborate uses 21st Century Educational Technology tools that enable students to interact with other students on issues relating to their education. Students interact with and contribute to the development of the virtual world and use related technologies for collaboration and communication while developing digital literacy skills. These skills are the 21st Century literacy skills needed to participate successfully in today’s world.

Social networking has become an essential skill in business. Sites such as Twitter, Wikis and Facebook are popular places for ‘teens’ to try social networking. Students can now publish and communicate easily to a global audience. It is important for students to learn about how to use these environments in a way that will keep them safe. Lack of experience in this area creates ignorance and makes them more vulnerable.

We aim to educate students about the benefits, dangers and safe practices of ‘being online’ both at home and at school. If you’d like to contribute to the development of our programs please contact us via this blog.

On a final note. By publishing their work online these students honour the reader (you) with their trust and goodwill so please feel free to comment positively on our work.


Skoolaborate NPAC Workshop

Photoshop workshops offered last year equipped students with crucial skills needed in arts courses in Yrs 9, 10, 11 and 12.  Students will also be exposed to a range of career opportunities in design related fields and pathways towards training.

Skoolaborate in NPAC – A journey
Curriculum Innovation Winner two years running 2011 & 2012 in FNQ, runner up 2012 Victorian Education Excellence Awards. Susan Connell talks you through the project.

Skoolaborate in NPAC – A journey

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