This is me

Here I am.

Some of my early work.

This is my Avatar

Ari Cover

Ari Storyboard

Ari Storyboard



10 thoughts on “Ari

  1. Shani Mapes

    nice avitar!!. I like your story board & your title page!… It looks very proffesional Ari.

  2. I like your storyline, and including non=human characters was pretty cool. c:
    I like that the location of the story is underwater.

  3. Ebony

    I think your art work was very cool, your comic looked very real..
    I loved it!!

  4. Taylah

    Your Avatar is awesome and your story board looked really cool.

  5. I loved your artwork, i looked real. 🙂 i like the top that your avatar is wearing.

  6. Lydia Gebadi

    Ari your avatar looks great! Love what you did to her hair, through the week she was hairless lol 🙂

  7. Quintella Jawai

    ari your avatar looked cool love how you dressed her =).. your story board looked real and cover was amazing =)))) your a pro at this lol

  8. i think your storyline was cool, and your characters were awsome ;]P

  9. Lynese

    Hey Ari,
    Love your art Work Looks really professional 🙂 and the way you dressed your Avatar… Good Job

  10. Im in year 11 attending NPAC

    I want to go to Brisbane, with a passion

    I want to go to the islands, and also visit the pearl shops slash farms.

    I want to see a crocodile.

    Favourite colour is yellow

    On my comic i stuggled placing highlights and shadows in the right places.

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