Hi I am Mark Kent and I am an Assistant Principal at the Distance Education Centre Victoria. I began my teaching career in 1987 as a primary school teacher and pretty much enjoyed every grade level and specialist area I’ve taught. Now I work across a P – 12 College and one of my leadership roles is the development of Skoolaborate as a Virtual Learning Environment. I am thrilled to be able to connect students with really interesting and engaging learning opportunities via a Virtual World and to provide opportunities for new communities to develop using technology.

Coming to NPAC and working with the Bamaga community is a career highlight for me and I hope we can extend this partnership to include students from other remote areas.






3 thoughts on “Mark

  1. Val

    Hello Mark – is this the artwork that you were photographing in the class with the Principal this morning?

  2. Erzsebet

    Hi Mark 🙂
    I am really pleased to hear of the developments of Skoolaboarate. It sounds like a truly rewarding experience and for you, I am sure over your wonderful career have seen so much more than the standard classroom teacher would. I can say I’m immensely honoured to know someone like yourself!

    Take care,

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