Day 4

The students up here at Northern Peninsula Area College are wonderful. They represent a proud community rich in tradition and are fiercely loyal to each other. They  love their music and they love to laugh. On day One of our program involving Skoolaborate and Photoshop most had wandered in by 9.30am. On  Day two most where there before 9 ready to go and worked through til the end of the day fairly focussed. Today say all of them knuckling down to finish the build and the covers for their individual digital literacy projects.. The way in which they grasped what we were hoping to achieve and how it linked to their digital story development made it so easy to teach them the basics of developing their avatars and how to interact with each other within a virtual world. Tomorrow a number of parents will be joining us for a special morning tea to celebrate the students success. If you get the chance please check the blog at (a bit of a work in progress that i hope to get the students to contribute to tomorrow) and the live streaming which may be running at 10am but definitely will be on at 11am

Quintella, Lydia, Kenita and Jess

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