Butterfly Woman



Nicole’s class say:

is a bright person.

has a nice smile.

i like her picture.

is a great student.

is a funny kid but a great friend.

has a great photo.

has a good smile.

you have a nice smile.


27 thoughts on “Nicole

  1. shanita

    great wing design 🙂

  2. Ceddy

    Very artistic and a really good friend

  3. Angela

    Youre really talented

  4. Anita

    Your visual design is so danger i can’t wait to see the end products it’s so creative

  5. Levi Matthew

    awsome art work..

  6. Lateefah

    your drawings have a girly signature 😀

  7. margaret

    i like your wings on you character very nice

  8. thomas

    great butterflies and superhero, nicky great storyboard and visual design.

  9. Gilmore

    Great storyboard and your characters looks interesting

  10. Lateefah

    Butterfly girl look AMAZING!! 🙂

  11. Levi Matthew

    the book cover is very cool great use of colors

  12. Ceddy Nona ;)

    The cover design is really cooooool. Good choice of colours sis. Keep up the good work !! 🙂

  13. Angela

    you have a really awesome cover page it stands out and great use of colour

  14. Anita

    The wings on your characters are terrific and i love how she is blue it really makes the image stand out.

  15. margaret

    i like your colours on you character very girly

  16. Nita

    great texture and graphic design keep it up tiddah its really good and you have great concepts and sequences 🙂

  17. thomas

    nice creativity and colours. i like your image its eye catching because it has lots of colours.

  18. Levi Matthew

    keep up the work..

  19. Gilmore

    Great book cover and the colours are very inetersting

  20. Levi Matthew

    cool finish tlo your cover,its very eye catching..

  21. Ceddy Nona ;)

    Great cover design. Keep it up.

  22. Angela

    your cover design is really intersting and very eye catching

  23. Anita

    I love the background it makes your cover design stand out more and i love how your title are in the same colours as your character.

  24. thomas

    great cover design and colour thats very awesome. great work nicole

  25. Gilmore

    Cover page looks awesome, very eye-catching and very well designed. Keep up the good work

  26. Lateefah

    you have a really good imagination, your background looks outstanking and your colour use are amazing. really eye catching keep it up.

  27. margaret

    i like you background very girly

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