This is me.

Here I am.

Some of my early work

This is my Avatar

This is my Avatar

Shy Cover

Shy Storyboard


9 thoughts on “Shylicia

  1. Shani Mapes

    I like your avitar!

  2. Ebony

    Cool avatar Shy! 🙂 i like your little characters in your story.. Great job!!

  3. Nice avatar! it looks like you… :p i really like your artwork it’s outstanding! 😀

  4. Taylah

    Cool avatar and like the colours and story board.

  5. your avi is cute! I like your story telling and the colours you used.

  6. Quintella Jawai

    love your avatar shy =)) your story board and cover is awsome… good work!. =)

  7. love your avatar looks, cool 🙂

  8. Lydia Gebadi

    I haven’t seen your storyboard but cool avi love it 🙂

  9. Im in grade 10,
    I listen to alot of music,
    I love going to the Goldcoast beaches,
    I have an older brother and sister,
    One of my dreams is too see Kelly Slater surf Pipe in Hawaii,
    My favourite colour is purple,
    and yeah . c:

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