This is me

Here I am.

Some of my early work

This is my Avatar

This is my Avatar

Quintella Cover

Quintella Storyboard

Quintella Storyboard



11 thoughts on “Quintella

  1. Shani Mapes

    Looks awesome Qunitella. Your artwork is done very proffesionaly.. 🙂

  2. your avatar is heaps good !
    and your artwork is so rad. c:

  3. Ebony

    Your hair cut on your avatar is very funky! :)well done on your comic..

  4. Nice hair tella! 🙂 your cover page looks good. Keep up the good work

  5. i love your avatars hair style 😉 looks funky 🙂

  6. Looks awsome!! liking th hair do :b

  7. Taylah

    Love the Avatar hair and cool as story board.

  8. Lydia Gebadi

    Like your Avatar it kinda looks like you ahaha the hair reeally FUNKY!! and guess what i lie ahaha your storyboard was so awsome I loved it! KEEP IT UP TELLA! 🙂 😉

  9. Quintella Jawai

    hi I’m Quintella I’am in yr 11 this yr.

    I love listening to music – country, reggae, traditional and R’N’B! my fav singer is Chris Brown.

    I love playing basketball it’s my fav sport.

    My goal is to finish school get into uni and start a RN course.

    I’ve been living in bamaga for 16yrs now and I’m loving it LOL!. =)))

    That is because on the weekend we get to do the fun things we like- hanging around the youths center, riding horse, crusing quad bikes, go fishing and swimming..

    But thinking on moving to a diff place when i finish my schooling. =))

  10. Quintella Jawai

    During the week i loved working with susan, mark and phill 🙂 it was heaps fun, i learnt some new things.. photoshop was a bit challenging. puting the layers and things but it’s fun, the second life is awsome and the art gallery is amazing and designing the place putting plants and putting our art work up if only it was in real life though it would be so beautiful hahaha =))))

    would love to work with you’s again sometime’s soon, i really enjoyd myself alot 🙂

  11. Quintella Jawai


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