This is me.

Here I am.

Some of my early work.

This is my Avatar.

This is my Avatar.

Ebony Cover

Ebony Storyboard

Ebony Storyboard



12 thoughts on “Ebony

  1. Shani Mapes

    I like you avitar Ebony!… Your art work was awesome, looks very proffesional. :D. ‘Welldone.

  2. Ebony your front cover was outstanding good job 🙂

  3. I like that your comic had a cultural background throughout it. c:

  4. Your cover page is awsome!! esecially your charater on the front.

  5. Taylah

    I like your comic it looks cool.

  6. Your cover page was really awsome! :)i like your avatars outfit.

  7. Lydia Gebadi

    Love what you did with your storyboard.. your Avatar looks great and i can see one of my main character at the back.. :p and your work is cool:)

  8. Quintella Jawai

    ebony your story board is awsome love how you got that “island worrior” =)) your artistic the cover is amazing .. your a pro =))))

  9. Ebony

    Thanks everyone for the comments!! 🙂

  10. Lynese

    Hey Ebony,
    Love your front cover and your Avatar also love the colour’s you choose good thinking 🙂

  11. Ebony

    Im a student in year 10, i enjoyed working in the workshop with the other students and producing great art work. Last week was amazing, we got to work on photoshop and learn new skills. That was my favourite part of the workshop, It was fantastic 🙂 …

  12. Ebony

    I live in Bamaga, i’ve been living here all my life. I attend Bamaga High School. I enjoy listening to music, spending time with my family and friends and I love playing sports..

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