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Skoolaborate is a partnership that allows like-minded schools (innovative, creative, future thinking) an opportunity to transform teaching and learning within their schools by exploring blended learning opportunities.

Research suggests that blended and online learning offer greater results in areas such as test scores, retention and discipline. This project aims to take advantage of those positive outcomes.

It also allows partner schools the opportunity to explore options around increasing student attendance and expanding academic offerings via online delivery and participation externally.

A Skoolaborate partnership can expand what each school can offer as a single entity. It also creates collaborative staff and independent students that will lead to improved outcomes for all students.

By participating in the partnership each school will be up skilling their teaching workforce with the skills and standards that will be expected in 21st century teaching.

Staff will become competent in the use of internet technologies for the delivery of educational experiences using 21st century pedagogy. They will also develop the processes and procedures necessary to work with students who attend both physically and from a distance.

Participation will see schools broaden and add value to what they can currently offer their student cohort. Via the sharing of resources students will be able to complete a part of or full course of study even if their face to face school cannot enroll them in a particular subject due to a lack of resources.

Finally by having an established network of like minded schools, based both nationally and internationally, they will be able to contribute and participate in activities and experience that develop global understanding.

Click here to go to the Skoolaborate Website

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